I use mathematics, and machine learning to understand the mechanisms underpinning complex biological systems.


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Foy BH, et al. Characterising the role of the small airways in asthma using low frequency forced oscillations during tidal breathing.

Foy BH, et al. Increased ventilation heterogeneity in asthma can be attributed to proximal bronchioles.

Foy BH, et al. Optimising thresholds for diagnosis of iron deficiency and predicting response to treatment.

Foy BH, et al. Classifying inflammatory response using blood count trajectories.

Foy BH, et al. A mesh-free radial basis function method for simulation of high-dimensional conservation problems.

Select Publications

Foy BH, Soares M, Bordas R, et al. Lung computational models and the role of the small airways in asthma. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 2019.

Foy BH, Kay D. A computationally tractable scheme for simulation of the human pulmonary system. Journal of Computational Physics. 2019

Bell AJ, Foy BH, Richardson M, et al. Functional CT imaging for identification of the spatial determinants of small-airways disease in adults with asthma. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 2019

Foy BH, Goncalves B, Higgins J. Unravelling disease pathophysiology with mathematical modeling. Annals of Pathophysiology (invited review paper, accepted 2019, awaiting publication in January 2020).

Foy BH, Gonem S, Brightling C, Siddiqui S, Kay D. Modeling the effect of gravity on inert-gas washout outputs. Physiological Reports (2018).

Foy BH, Kay D. Sacin responds to total compliance heterogeneity, and is less sensitive to regionalisation than scond. American Thoracic Society Congress (2018).

Foy BH, Bell A, Siddiqui S, Kay D. Low frequency lung resistance is a global bronchoconstriction detection measure, but is still sensitive to small airways disease. American Thoracic Society Congress (2018).

Foy BH, Kay D. A computational comparison of the multiple-breath washout and forced oscillation technique as markers of bronchoconstriction. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology (2017).

Foy BH, Bordas R, Kay D. Modeling responses of the inert-gas washout and MRI to bronchoconstriction. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology (2017).

Soares M, Owers-Bradley J, Foy BH, et al. The evaluation of frequency dependence of resistance using a patient-specific 3D printed airway model and computational simulation. European Respiratory Society Congress (2017).

Foy BH, Kay D. Inert-gas washout and forced oscillation technique show sensitivity to the degree of regionalisation of bronchoconstriction. American Thoracic Society Congress (2017)

Foy BH, Perre P, Turner I. The Meshfree Finite Volume Method, with application to multi-phase porous media models. Journal of Computational Physics (2017).



A computer vision pipeline for WBC detection

Simulated lung ventilation maps in various postures

Sketch of hemoglobin glycation in the bloodstream

A 3D printed lung (first 7 generations)

Schematic for capillary blood flow model

2D Fisher equation solved with the MFVM

Simulation of rapid breathing in a virtual lung

Peer Review

I have acted as a reviewer for the following journals:

Annals of Internal Medicine
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology
Journal of Asthma
Journal of Computational Physics
Journal of Mathematical Biology
Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing
Iranian Journal of Science and Technology – Transactions of Civil Engineering