In 2015 I co-founded RAIL (the Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab) with fellow Oxford PhD student Logan Graham.

RAIL is a non-profit AI consultancy which focuses on large-scale social problems. Some of the projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Automating transcription of ancient Greek, with the Oxford Faculty of Classics.
  • Predicting renewable energy demands in the UK power grid with an Energy Markets Information group.
  • Predictive diabetes diagnosis with a developing nation’s largest health insurer.
  • Improving homeless services management with the NYC government.
  • Classifying toxicity on the internet with Google Jigsaw
  • Identifying automation risks with the UK’s Future of Work Commission

These projects have involved building unique ML pipelines for complex social problems, utilising cutting-edge ML research, and manipulating huge datasets.

As CTO, I coordinated the technical teams, trained incoming consultants/engineers, and designed project pipelines.

I no longer work as CTO of RAIL, but still act as an advisor for the incredibly talented current management team. Find out more about RAIL here.