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Analysing contributions of vascular morphology towards carbon monoxide uptake.

A mathematical model of transfusion dynamics provides novel insights into homeostatic recovery.

Agent-based modelling of red blood cell dynamics predicts emergent hematologic disease.

Single-cell erythrocyte computer vision analysis provides novel diagnostic, prognostic, and mechanistic insight.

Voxel analysis of lung images reveals structural determinants of ventilation heterogeneity.


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2018 and prior

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Recent Seminars/Talks

Quantifying the hematologic dynamics of the human inflammatory response. University of Melbourne, Department of Mathematical Biology. Sep 2021.

Physiologic phenotyping: the role of computational modelling. American Thoracic Society Congress. 2021. (virtual symposium)

Using mass balance equations to quantify properties of red blood cell production and growth. Joint Mathematics Meetings. 2021.

A combined computational-clinical approach to understand pulmonary function test sensitivity. Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Applied Chest Imaging Laboratory. Feb 2020.

Estimating the age of red blood cells through mathematical simulation: a validation, population dynamics approach. Joint Mathematical Meetings Conference. Jan 2020.

Linking pre-operative risk to post-operative outcomes using routine measurements. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computational Medicine Group. Dec 2019.

Classifying inflammatory response using blood count trajectories and morphology. Massachusetts General Hospital, Cardiac Surgery Division. June 2019.

RAIL: A model for social impact driven machine learning. Bayesian and Big Data for Social Good Conference. Nov 2018 (Joint presentation with Dr Logan Graham).

A computational framework for simulating the human pulmonary system. Queensland University of Technology, School of Mathematical Sciences. Oct 2018.

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I am a Review Editor for Frontiers in Network Physiology.

I regularly participate in peer review (1-2 manuscripts per month), and have acted as a reviewer for the following journals:

Annals of Internal Medicine (marked as exceptional reviewer)
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Frontiers in Network Physiology
Frontiers in Medicine
Iranian Journal of Science and Technology
Journal of Applied Physiology
Journal of Asthma
Journal of Computational Physics
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Nature Human Behaviour
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