I have a strong teaching record, across a variety of subjects, with consistent overwhelmingly positive student feedback.

University of Oxford

I worked for 3 years as a sessional academic in the Oxford Doctoral Training Centre, teaching computational biology to masters and PhD students.

Oxbridge Academic Programs

For two years I was head of engineering at the Cambridge Tradition, a part of Oxbridge Academic Programs.

Queensland University of Technology

I was a lecturer, and assistant course-coordinator at QUT for one year. I taught three subjects, with a combined enrollment of over 2000 students.

I was awarded the QUT Award for Teaching Excellence, while being the youngest lecturer the university had ever hired.

Prior to this I was an academic tutor for three years. During this time I tutored 15 different subjects, spanning mathematics, statistics, programming and engineering.

During my time at QUT, I regularly ran workshops on a variety of STEM sub-disciplines for high school students.