I have a strong teaching record across a variety of subjects, with consistent, overwhelmingly positive student feedback. I have taught at four universities across three countries, with class sizes ranging from 2 to >500 students.

I have experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in applied mathematics, statistics, programming, and machine learning. I have strong interest in teaching applied mathematical modelling and machine learning, particularly with biomedical and biologic applications.

Specific teaching examples are included below. My teaching portfolio and philosophy statement are available here.

Harvard Medical School
I current work as a teaching assistant at Harvard Medical School in the Health Sciences & Technology division. I teach applied mathematics and programming content to medical degree students. Courses are cross listed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

University of Oxford
I worked for 3 years as a sessional academic in the Oxford Doctoral Training Center, teaching mathematics, machine learning and programming, with focus on biological applications, to masters and PhD students.

I also ran tutorials within University College for the undergraduate mathematics degree, teaching in a 2-on-1 setting (part of Oxford’s unique teaching style).

OxBridge Academic Programs
For two years I was head of engineering at the Cambridge Tradition, a summer school program within the OxBridge Academic Programs. During this period I taught a hands-on introductory engineering course, covering all common focus areas (civil, mechanical, medical, electrical, environmental).

Queensland University of Technology
I was a lecturer and assistant unit coordinator in the School of Mathematical Sciences at QUT for 1 year. I designed course content, assessment and practicals, and coordinated a team of >10 tutors for two subjects (Computational Mathematics 1, and Engineering Computation) with hundreds of enrolled students. I received the QUT Award for Teaching Excellence due to overwhelmingly positive student feedback.

Prior to this I was a sessional academic tutor for multiple years, having taught 15 different subjects spanning mathematics, statistics, programming and engineering.

I also regularly ran workshops on a variety of STEM concepts for high school students, both on QUT campus, and during outreach at schools across Queensland,

Through my entire time at QUT, I worked as a volunteer tutor for the QUT STIMulate program, designed to provide extra mathematics support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.