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Mathematician | Machine learning engineer | Scientist

I care about the mechanisms that underpin complex systems.

I’m a research fellow in the Higgins Lab, at Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital. I am a Rhodes Scholar, and undertook my DPhil at the University of Oxford, in Computer Science.

I use computational mathematics and machine learning to simulate biological mechanisms in clinically meaningful ways. Currently I’m investigating how different disease states affect blood production and growth dynamics, to aid diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. Previously I’ve researched how ventilation defects form in the lungs, created techniques for efficiently simulating fluid flow, and modeled cell growth.

For two years I ran a non-profit AI consultancy. We worked with the NYC govt, Google Jigsaw, multi-national health insurers, and many more! In  past I’ve worked in suicide prevention, STEM outreach, and even ran a policy think-tank. I love to play guitar, build random things, and hit tennis balls.