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Mathematics | Computation | Physiology

I care about the mechanisms that underpin complex systems.

I am a research fellow at Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital. I did my DPhil at the University of Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar.

I use multi-modal techniques (machine learning, math modelling, medical imaging) to better understand how the pulmonary, cardiac and hematologic systems respond to acute and chronic inflammation (e.g. asthma, viral infections, trauma/injury). My research is focused on generating mechanistic insights which can be translated into clinically-actionable knowledge and tools.

I used to run a non-profit AI consultancy. We worked with the NYC govt, Google Jigsaw, multi-national health insurers, and many more! I’ve also worked in suicide prevention, STEM outreach, and ran a policy think-tank. I love to play guitar, build random things, and hit tennis/squash balls.